Coir pillows

Coir pillows are natural and Biodegradable product. They are coir cushion filled with coir fiber into a woven coir netting. Coir pillows are a great way to build up vegetation in environmentally sensitive areas. They are used for establishing bank side, vegetation. These pillows help improve wildlife habitats in areas which have been destroyed by erosion or construction works.

Coir pillows are made from 100% coir fiber material. Due to their small size and easy installation, coir pillows are a great option for wetlands, nurseries, and other small vegetation areas. They are natural yet strong exterior provides a reliable set up that keeps roots moist and helps establish vegetation. Standard sizing for the coir pillows are 5m x 1m.

 Pillow IMGs


 Kg per Square Meter 1.5kg - 1.7kg 
 Length of Pillow 2m - 5m
Variation: +/- 3cm max.
 Width of Pillow  0.75m to 1m
Variation: + 1cm
 Moisture  ≤ 26.0%
 Coir netting  400gsm (40:35)