Erosion control blankets are a worthy and innovative solution to all forms of soil erosion. Those are typically biodegradable blankets that provide temporary cover and support for establishing vegetation on bare soil areas.

ECBs provide cover for bare soil and support for emergent vegetation from the time of seeding until root density and top growth are capable of long-term erosion protection. ECBs function by shielding bare soil and newly seeded areas against raindrop and wind erosion, providing a dense matrix of biodegradable material (e.g., straw, coconut) that stabilizes and supports emergent vegetation and later decomposes to further aid in plant growth. They also help to increase precipitation infiltration and decrease soil crusting and compaction. ECBs are designed and fabricated in a variety of types that last from a few months to approximately three years.

Blanket 1 


Grams per Square Meter (gms)    300 to 1050 
Length of Blanket  19,2m to 125m
Variation: +1,5m max.  
Width of Blanket 1.0m to 2.44m
Variation: +1cm - 0.5cm
Type of Netting Polypropylene net/ Jute net
Type of Thread Multifilament polypropylene threas/ Jute thread