CTRM is constructed by 100% coconut fiber (coir) in between 3 different heavy weight polypropylene nets and UV stabilized polypropylene thread. Moreover, it is a three-layered 3D structure that combines with coconut fiber in the middle which protects soil and permanently controls soil erosion.

Major application of Composite Turf Reinforcement Mats (CTRMs) is to act as a reinforcement solution for slopes and high flow channels, where steeper slopes available and ground maintenance is challenging. Normally CTRM promotes seed germination to reduce soil erosion as the final result.

Application of the CTRMs                              

  1. High-flow channels                              
  2. Stream banks                              
  3. Shorelines                              
  4. Other areas required permanent vegetation establishment.                              
  5. Areas required soil stabilization to protect from water, wind like factors.

 LCP Tape


Grams per Square Meter (gsm) 550
Length of Blanket 20m
Variation: + 1.5m max.
Width of Blanket 2m
Variation: + 1cm - 0.5cm
Top / Bottom Netting Polypropylene Netting
Mid Netting Corrugated polypropylene netting
Type of Thread Multifilament polypropylene thread