Coir bio logs are popular material choices for use in construction zones, restoration areas, for environmental preservation on hillsides, or for aquatic erosion control. Waterlogs/ Bio Logs are strong enough to withstand weather conditions such as heavy rains and, when staked to a hillside, help prevent soil slippage by holding the water until sediment settles. Waterlogs/ Bio Logs made out of 100% natural coir fibres compressed in tubular mesh netting. Easy to place, use and install, these Waterlogs/ Bio logs create a natural control area that helps establish growth and control erosion.

Waterlogs/ Bio Logs  are installed at the mean annual water level and fixed with wooden stakes. Suitable plants of the shore or reeds zones can be inserted into the top part of the Waterlogs/ Bio Logs . The installation of the Coco logs can be carried out at any time of the year.

Advantages of Waterlogs / Bio Logs

  • Waterlogs / Bio Logs can be installed to natural contours often found in high erosion areas
  • Plants root easily and grow into and through Waterlogs / Bio Logs
  • Safe for the environment
  • Bird and Animal friendly
  • Holds seeds, plants securely as they root in
  • Very strong holding power
  • Extremely water permeable
  • Provides stability over time
  • Easy to Install



 Diameter  30 cm/ 40 cm/ 50 cm
 Length  1 m - 3 m
 Unit Weight  Customized